Moonbirds NFT Sales captures NFT market with $364 Million in 5 Days

Moonbirds NFT collection is built by Proof Collective, a private group of 1000 popular NFT collectors.


The recent collection of Moonbirds NFT (non-fungible token) has been the talk of the town. The Moonbirds NFT came on board for sale on April 16, and since then is all set to break down all sales records. The collection was sold for $364.83 million which reflects the revived interest of users in NFTs, as per a report.

A few days back when Jack Dorsey’s tweet that was put on resale could not amass more than $58, the NFT market seemed to be in a slow mode. But today the Moonbirds NFT collection has falsified this.

Moonbirds is a collection built with utility & community at the foundation. As per the description on their website:

“Moonbirds are more than just an avatar. They’re a collection of 10,000 utility-enabled PFPs that feature a richly diverse and unique pool of rarity-powered traits. What’s more, each Moonbird unlocks private club membership and additional benefits the longer you hold them. We call it nesting – because, obviously.”

Moonbirds NFT collection is built by Proof Collective, a private group of 1000 popular NFT collectors.

They build their NFTs backed by utility. Every Moonbird is also a pass to private PROOF Discord which allows the users an access to latest drops, meet ups and events.

Moonbirds come with a special feature that allows them to be locked up and nested which will help them to pile up the benefits and rewards.

The sale of Moonbirds has surprised it’s counterparts like Bored Apes, Cryptopunks and Azuki with its high sale volume. The 10,000 Moonbirds NFTs has managed to capture $364.83 million in sales volume in just 5 days.

Three NFTs from the Moonbirds collection have made it to the most expensive NFT sales last week. Moonbirds also witnessed 11,170 buyers in a time span of just 5 days.

On the last day, the sale value of Moonbirds in just 24 hours, touched 15,711.94 ether or $48.1 million.

The current value of the complete Moonbirds collection is estimated to be $266.5 million which is much more than its market capital at launch.

For the uninitiated, NFT is a form of an art which can be presented digitally and recorded on a blockchain and assessed in terms of cryptocurrency.