Facebook Meta to Start NFT Support For Few Creators

This facility of displaying their digital creations on Facebook will be rolled out a phased manner only in USA as of now.

Facebook, Meta to Start NFT Support For Few Creators
Image Credit: Unsplash

Meta, the parent company of Facebook has launched NFTs support on Facebook for a few select creators. Now the selected creators will be able to show their digitally created arts, aka NFTs in crypto world on the Facebook profile.

Earlier, last month, Meta had announced the same support for NFTs on its other popular social media platform Instagram.

This facility of displaying their digital creations on Facebook will be rolled out a phased manner. Only the creators in USA only shall be able to post their NFTs on Facebook platform in the initial phase. If it is accepted by the large number of Facebook subscriber, Meta would make the facility available for all, as per the report on Techcrunch.

Meta’s product development manager, Navdeep Singh announced the launch of NFTs display facility on his account on Twitter, a rival of Facebook in social media world.

Meta’s announcement for launching facility to enable NFTs display on Facebook comes after its founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s statement last month in June that Meta would be testing the viability of NFTs on Facebook. He had also declared that users would be able to show their digital creations on Instagram.

On Instagram, as of now NFTs listed on Ehtereum and Polygon blockchain network are allowed to be displayed while Solona and Flow, other NFTs are likely to allowed in coming future. Moreover, listing NFTs on Instagram will be free of cost or fee because Meta is not going to charge any of it, as per report of Cryptonews. Whether it will be the same for Facebook, it has not been cleared as yet.

Meta’s launching of NFTs support on Facebook and Instagram, though for a select few creators in the beginning, is going to infuse much needed faith in digital assets market which is already going through rough patch due to continuous crash of cryptocurrencies market.

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